Travelling is stressful for animals.
At the Animal Care & Inspection Center, we want to make the animals journey as comfortable as possible.
This can be done, for example, by letting dogs out for a short walk just before departure, or by taking them out of their crates as soon as they arrive and letting them out on our lawn.

We have everything available to ensure that animals are kept in optimal conditions during their stay here, in terms of food, temperature and care. Whether it's dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, insects, birds or mammals, each animal gets the best approach to make its stay as pleasant as possible, whether it is while waiting for departure, or waiting for release after being imported.

All this is only made possible by the fact that all of our staff at least have a degree in animal care and are IATA LAR certified.
Furthermore, all accommodations in our building are equipped with all possible features to adjust light, air and temperature according to the needs of the animal species staying there. And this for both import and export.
We also provide direct transport to and from the aircraft, to ensure that animals are not exposed to extreme weather conditions at the tarmac.

As you can see, we have only one goal: to treat all animals as well as possible before and after their journey.

Our Team

All our staff have a degree in animal care taking or biology.


Animal caretaker


Animal caretaker


Animal caretaker




Animal caretaker 


Animal Caretaker

The accommodation

Please feel free to take a look into our high level, fully equipped animal center.

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Our certifications and memberships

We are full member of ATA, the Animal Transportation Association.

All our staff is IATA LAR certified

To stay in touch with all stakeholders at     Brussels Airport, we are member of ACB.